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Garden Gyms & You, Get Built.

Garden gyms give you access to the weights and the equipment without having to share. Imagine a gym where the only sweat on the bench, is yours! Building a garden gym on your property brings all the benefits of having usable extra space, but in a way that works for you now. Avoiding a workout, just got a whole lot harder.

Garden Gyms in Southend

You don’t need a premium monthly fitness membership to get a great workout, and you don’t need to just do calisthenics on the grass. Getting a garden gym on your property means more than just having your own private workout space, but also a reusable garden room that can be modified for another use in the future. Our garden gyms are built with common sense in mind. This means double strengthened flooring for Olympic bar lifts, even a small garden can help you create a great gym that will leave hotel gyms around the world more embarrassed than they already should be. In Southend and want a yoga studio?

Garden Gym Ideas

If you want some ideas for how to design a garden gym check out our sample inspiration from Pinterest below. We can adapt our work to whatever you need, wherever you have seen it. With the wide range of cladding styles on the market, your garden gym doesn’t need to look the same as anyone else’s. Get creative or let us offer some ideas too. Above all else, your garden gym probably needs to be high enough for a military shoulder press and solid enough it doesn’t shake if you’re going for a 1RM on a deadlift.

What is a Garden gym?

A garden gym is a great option for someone who works from home and wants to find a fun and healthy way to break up their day. It’s also a great shout for someone who works long days and can’t get to the gym or maybe a child is the obstacle.

(Editor Note: There are many reasons why you may want to get your own garden gym, for me it was because I train at inconsistent times of the day and having a zero distance to work-out meant I could train whenever I wanted. I hate going to the gym and finding the squat rack was taken and as much of my workout is built around compound lifts, the only stares I get now from being on the power rack too long come from the cat who wants to get in and ensure my legs smell like his fur still.)

If you are looking into the cost of a garden gym, you should always consider the spend on equipment. When dumbbells can cost £100 for a couple of 20kg weights, you can spend a lot on the tools. 

With regard to the cost of the building, a garden gym will come in at the same price levels of other buildings. We suggest budgeting £1000 per square metre for something without the bells and whistles. The normal range for an average garden gym is £12,500 to £15,000.

How big your garden gym should be, really comes down to what you plan on doing with it. If you are looking for a space for a treadmill, spinning bike and some dumbbells, then a 2.5 or 3m x 3m will be perfectly fine. If you want to just lift weights and are looking at power rack approach, then the same holds true. If you want to marry cardio equipment and free weights, then a 5m x 3m would be a great choice.

One client, went for a multi-purpose garden gym, that was a total size of 5m by 3m. A portion of that space was partitioned for a shed, leaving 3.5m by 3m which accomodates space for floor exercises, a power rack with landmine attachment, dumbell rack and room for a cable column too. More than adequate for an advanced full body resistance workout. 

The first garden building we put together was a bespoke garden gym and the primary requirement was to think about free weights and heavy lifting. Our customer wanted to build a lifting platform that enabled them to do a proper leg workout at home. That means a barbell stacked with bumper plates over 200 kg. All of our garden gyms are built with weight load in mind, to put the customer’s mind at ease we went further. The flooring was made twice as secure by doubling up the number of floor joists. When we say our useful spaces are bespoke, we really mean it – details matter.

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